The iO Comedy Network



The iO Comedy Network is the video side of the iO Theater! Our mission is to facilitate collaboration between writers, actors, and filmmakers in making high quality comedy videos.



If you want to make videos for iO, there are three ways to get involved: Comedy Video Production Classes, Network Teams, and the Community Program.



Comedy Video Production Classes

Level 1: Writing Comedy Videos

Level 1 focuses on screenwriting format, writing visually, and joke heightening. If you have completed an iO Writing Program course, you can skip right to Level 2!

Level 2: Intro To Production

Level 2 focuses on film and video history, basic camera work, basic lighting, and basic sound production.

Level 3: Advanced Production

Level 3 focuses on directing picture and sound, directing actors, advanced camera work, advanced lighting, and advanced sound production.

ELECTIVE: Post Production

This course focuses on picture and sound editing, post production workflow, and basic visual effects. Students must have access to a computer and editing software.

ELECTIVE: Acting For The Camera

This course focuses on stage vs screen acting, audition techniques, and the business of acting.

Network Teams

These are the video house teams of iO! They’re made up of writers, actors, and filmmakers. They meet regularly with a coach and produce new videos about every six weeks. Network Team videos screen at the theater and are posted to The iO Comedy Network facebook page, which currently has over 18,000 followers.

  • Network Team writers have completed either the iO Writing Program or the Comedy Video Production program.
  • Network Team actors have completed either the iO Improv Program or the Acting For The Camera elective.
  • Network Team filmmakers have completed the Comedy Video Production program.

Community Program

Do you have a great idea for a video, but don’t have the time or resources to take classes right now? Submit to the Community Program and we will help you make it! Click here to fill out our submission form!

Just want to get involved and help out? Feel free to email us at or