Best Buds

Best Buds

Cat Booty, Bing Bong, Mr. Dr, Talking Birds

Sat, November 18

11:55 pm

The Chris Farley Cabaret


This event is all ages

Cat Booty
BRING your BFFs to BEST BUDS. Where four groups of BESTIES meet your BEST FRIENDS and we all become CLOSE ACQUAINTANCES.

With indie teams Cat Booty, Talking Birds, Mr Dr, and Bing Bong!
Make sure to stay after the sets for a fun late night jam, where you can party and prov with all your favorite buddies.

Bing Bong- Becky Markert & Zoe Agapinan

Mr. Dr- Anna Weis, Julia Rowley, Judy Weinstein , Sarah Adler, Noah Smith, Mike Jest, Issa Polstein, Vinny Tangherlini

Talking Birds- Elisabeth Del Toro, Adam Donnelly , Seth Johnson, Libby Marshall, Ian Ornstein, Matt Roarty

Cat Booty- Laura Mulcahy, Sydney Back, Glo Chitwood, Alan Giles, Will Nicholson, Tom Spooner

Mr Dr:
Talking Birds: Cat Booty:
Venue Information:
The Chris Farley Cabaret
1501 N Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL, 60642