The iO Comedy Network

What is the iO Comedy Network?

Well, we are iO’s video content side of the theater. Our videos are made and produced by iO’s talented performers and students. Our mission is to facilitate collaboration between actors, writers, and filmmakers by producing high quality videos that showcase the wide range of talent at iO.

How can you get involved?

Here are the easiest ways to partake in iOCN:

  • Take our Comedy Video Production Classes. Click Here to see our current Video Production Classes!.
  • Submit videos, sketches, or ideas to our Community Program which is built from ranges of people and talents throughout Chicago. Click here to fill out our submission form!.
  • Be considered for our digital Harold Teams which are called Network Teams. They have coaches and shows but produce videos instead of improv. There are some prerequisites which you can learn about below:
    • Network Team writers have completed either the iO Writing Program or the Comedy Video Production program.
    • Network Team actors have completed either the iO Improv Program or the Acting For The Camera elective.
    • Network Team filmmakers have completed the Comedy Video Production program.
  • Or you can always email to reach out for further information.

Who runs iOCN?

Although iOCN couldn’t exist without iO and Chicago’s vast talent, it is run by Creative Directors Maddie Cordovano and Jeremy Sender. You can reach out to them at and

We hope to collaborate with you soon!

Current Network Teams: