Holiday Shows

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Check out our special holiday shows this season!

Holiday Shows

  • The iO House Sketch Team’s Holiday Revue!

    Director Mike Jest assembles an all-star cast of iO sketch and improv performers, with a holiday twist.

    Saturdays in December: 12/7, 12/14, 12/21, 12/28 10:00PM $14 Get Tickets
  • Lit Womenorah!

    Get ready for Hannukah with this show featuring Jewish womxn stand up comedians! Showcasing a de-light-ful slew of ladies who are funny and Jewish!

    Monday, December 9 8PM $10 Get Tickets
  • On Comet IV

    iO’s Favorite Harold team (Not Official) takes you back to the past with an old-timey, all-rhymey Christmas special - you can stay at home and watch PBS or come join us for a night of song, sketch, and holiday treats!

    Tuesday, December 17 10pm $5 Get Tickets
  • Wet Christmas: A Jack Felker Nightmare

    Producer Jack Felker (“Groovy, Randy, Horny, Baby--An Austin Powers Talk Show” and “Mama Lasagna’s Big Fat Funeral” brings together some of the weirdest and funniest Chicago comedians for a Rated-R take on the holidays.

    Wednesday, December 18 10pm $10 Get Tickets
  • How The Grinch Stole a Talk Show

    Alex Collyard stars as the baddest little boy of all: The Grinch, hosting his very own Christmas talk show. Join him as he interviews a slew of holiday characters.

    Sunday, December 22 7:30pm $12 Get Tickets
  • Xmas Dinner ft. Cross-Pollination

    Improv veterans Cross-Pollination celebrate the holidays with the signature improv form Dinner for Six! 6 people, 3 couples, 1 Mess. Featuring Laurel Krabacher (Second City ETC), Lindsey Smith, Meghan Babbe (Second City RedCo), Damian Anaya, Lawrence Collerd, and Tim Lyons.

    Monday, December 23 8pm $14 Get Tickets
  • Holidays Are Hell

    The title says it all: holidays are hell. Put your holiday pain aside as you watch Chicago's best comedians and improvisers make light of their own nightmare holiday stories.

    Monday, December 23 and Friday, December 27 8pm $14 Get Tickets
  • Any Excuse: A Holiday Sketch Show

    The manic minds of Linda Orr (Saturdays with Linda) and Pat McKenna bring iO a holiday sketch show like you've never seen!

    Sunday, December 22 (7:30) & Thursday, December 26, (8pm) 7:30 & 8pm $12 Get Tickets
  • Ryan Murphy/Jim Carrey’s: How The Grinch Stole Xmas: American Horror Story

    A scripted horror parody of the 2000 version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas meets Fatal Attraction. A little girl, Cindy Lou, researches an old Whoville legend. Having always felt like an outsider herself she becomes dangerously obsessed with her subject, driving her to madness and murder

    Friday, December 27 10pm $14 Get Tickets
  • New Year, Same Sh**

    From two absurd minds of iO’s Devil’s Daughter comes a sketch show that aims to tickle you in the taint of your holiday season--just after Christmas and right before New Years. From a Campbell’s soup boardroom to your favorite two-player video game, the 6-person cast explores new beginnings, self-improvement, and what happens after the holidays are over. If you’re the kind of person who likes breaking resolutions instead of making resolutions, come check out New Year, Same Sh**! 2 nights only!

    Sunday, December 29 and Monday (7:30pm), December 30 (8pm) 7:30pm & 8pm $12 Get Tickets
  • Jonders' Christmas Party: A Variety Show Featuring Kelsey Blackwell

    Jonders is down in the dumps because he thinks that nobody showed up for his Christmas party, only at his lowest is it pointed out to him there was a typo on the invitations and people will be showing up any second. Jonders' guest list is made up of the most talent and best comedians and performer in Chicago and they all get the chance to perform!

    Sunday, December 29 7:30pm $12 Get Tickets
  • Billy Mack’s After, After Party: What is LOVE, Actually?

    A holiday ‘party’(show) thrown by the infamous Billy Mack of Love, Actually. At this after-party, Billy tries to figure what love, actually is during the holiday season. With the help of couples from the film, improv, storytellers and music, (and a nice bottle of whiskey) and of course, chats on the couch with his manager Joe, Billy might just be able to figure out what Love actually is this holiday season.

    Monday, December 30 8pm $10 Get Tickets
  • Buddy the Elf is Dead

    Buddy the Elf has died.... now who will bring Christmas cheer?! Papa Elf, somehow still alive, narrates the story ...

    Monday, December 30 8pm $10 Get Tickets
  • New Years Eve Shows

  • Improvised Shakespeare's New Year Eve Spectacular

    One of Chicago’s most popular shows, Improvised Shakespeare Chicago℠ performs a two-act fully improvised play in Elizabethan style using the language and themes of William Shakespeare, inspired by one audience suggestion (a title for a play that has yet to be written)

    Tuesday, December 31 8pm $25 Get Tickets
  • Come On Down: The New Year's Eve Interactive Show

    Join host Dina Facklis and her cast of veteran improvisers for a night of fun and games at the iO Theater. You'll laugh, you'll play games, and most importantly you'll have some fun!

    Tuesday, December 31 8pm $25 Get Tickets
  • FUDGE Presents: The New Years Eve Balls Drop

    Join the gentlemen of FUDGE as they ring in the new year with fast and funny improv blended with silly, raw emotion! They'll be joined by the independent team Pappy and opening stand-up.

    Tuesday, December 31 8pm $15 Get Tickets
  • Improvised Jane Austen

    Voted 2019's Best Improv Troupe in Chicago, the all-female cast of Improvised Jane Austen creates an entirely-improvised tale in the style of the beloved 19th-century British author. Whether you’re well-read or no, the cast will delight you with tales of romance, intrigue, and Regency-era manners.

    Tuesday, December 31 8pm $15 Get Tickets
  • Hot Seat: NYE Edition

    It's about to heat up in here! This Reader-Recommended show features some of iO's best players and invites the audience to ask the questions about our year that we're afraid to answer. Get ready for some good old-fashioned truth telling and all the improv that might spin from it.

    Tuesday, December 31 10:30pm $25 Get Tickets