DiOversity Scholarship

The “DiOversity Scholarship” is a scholarship offered to POC, LGBTQIA, and disabled individuals in order to complete the iO improv program.
In 2018, we will also be offering a free level 1 class for 20 students who originally applied for the DiOversity Scholarships.
Important 2018 Dates:
  • 2/14 — DiOversity Submissions are Live
  • 2/20 — Meet and Greet with DiOversity members at iO from 6pm-8pm, see Generation Latinx at 10pm
  • 2/28 — Submission Window Closes
  • 3/3 — Audition Slot Confirmation Goes Out
  • 3/10 — Auditions will be held at iO Chicago (Please keep this day flexible or free!)
To apply for the 2018 DiOversity Scholarship, go here: https://goo.gl/forms/Ex2PggIj24ZqJZGq2
Important Items to Note:
**This scholarship only applies for the improv program at iO Chicago.
**POC students are prioritized.
**Students who have not yet enrolled in classes are prioritized.
**Scholars will be paired with a mentor as they move through the program by DiOversity.
**For questions, comments, or concerns, please email scholarships@ioimprov.com