Colt Cabana Does Improv

Colt Cabana Does Improv

The Mission Theater
All Ages
Colt Cabana does improv in the Mission Theater

Colt Cabana is a world-famous pro wrestler who has competed across the globe and held many title belts to his name. Now, he is powerbombing the world of comedy with his friends to help him along the way.

Watch a real-life pro wrestler learn the ins and outs of improv in real time. Colt Cabana is allowed to pause the show at any time to ask improv and comedy related questions for his knowledge and YOUR entertainment!

Cast list:

Colt Cabana

Josh Breit

Brooke Breit

Marty DeRosa

Zach Thompson

Kevin Sciretta

Liz Anderson

Joe Fernandez

Sarah Shockey

Venue Information:
The Mission Theater
1501 N. Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL, 60642