The Schrampening: A Spooky Show feat.  Mothership

The Schrampening: A Spooky Show feat. Mothership

The Mission Theater
All Ages
In October, the lovable scamps of State Schramps invite you off-campus!

State Schramps invite you into their house of horrors every Thursday in October, where even we don’t know what eerie thing lurks around the corner... Join us for an evening inspired by all things spooky, if you dare!

One week we might watch the opening team’s Harold and then for our set, we do a spooky sequel. Another week we may improvise in the style of the Twilight Zone. What other ideas lurk in our damp, dank dungeon???

State Schramps is: Mike Anichini, Emily Batek, Dylan Carey, Hunter Lehr, Claire McFadden, Olivia McManus, Tim Metzler, Taylor Overstreet, Peyton Robbins, Chris Woolsey.

Venue Information:
The Mission Theater
1501 N. Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL, 60642