This Year In Music 2019

This Year In Music 2019

Chris Farley Cabaret
All Ages
A musical Year in Review -- let's celebrate the popular jams & tunes & tracks from 2019!

This Year in Music gathers singers, dancers, storytellers, and more from around Chicago to rejoice in their version of the hits of the past year.

Cast List:

Tim Lyons

Sarah Shockey

Sarah Magnuson

Nia D'emilio

Linda Orr

Sarah Porter

Pat Niday and Katie Northrop

Josh Linden

Derry Queen

Kristen Hallen

Sam Beaver

Tricia Brown

Katy Harth

Justin Potter and Kevin Potter

Corie Anderson and Ben Palin

Brad Johnson

Jake Bradley and Sarah Mitchell

Dani James

Erin Keif and Arne Parrott

Venue Information:
Chris Farley Cabaret
1501 N. Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL, 60642