Sex Positive

Sex Positive

Mon, October 23

8:00 pm

The Chris Farley Cabaret


Sex Positive
Sex Positive
At Sex Positive we do not believe that sex is something taboo or shameful, nor something only to be discussed privately or not at all, nor that art exploring sexual themes is something risque and niche...we believe that almost all of us do it and that there's nothing wrong with doing it, nothing wrong with liking it, and nothing wrong with talking about it.

Hosted by: Ashley Victoria

Music by Alex Richmond
Storytelling by Michelle Davey
Burlesque by Trash Bandicooch
A Monologue by Kimberly Florian
Music by Mick & Amber
An Essay by Alex Tate Beall
Storytelling by Sade Hutchinson
Venue Information:
The Chris Farley Cabaret
1501 N Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL, 60642