Buncha Queers

Buncha Queers

Wed, September 13

10:30 pm

The Jason Chin Harold Cabaret


This event is all ages

Veteran LGBTQ+ improvisers come together to do a longform set followed by a jam where LGBTQ+ students are invited on stage. Fun for all!

Buncha Queers
Buncha Queers
Check out this cast stacked with queers from around the building!

Abby McEnany (Virgin Daiquiri, Armando)
Alex Bellisle (Gone Gone)
Alison Gates (Virgin Daiquiri, Glass Basement)
Becca Barish (Lil' Tooties, HERold)
Cat McDonnell (Denver, Armando)
Cat Abood (The Late 90's)
Dana Quercioli (Virgin Daiquiri, Glass Basement)
Chelsea Norment (Virgin Daiquiri, Scout)
George Elrod (Comet)
Gaby Dixon (Alterboyz, Duchess)
Rosie Moan (Denver, JuniOr Prom)
Riley Mondragon (Nectar)
Thom Gaughan (Gone Gone)
Tiffani Swalley (Musical Armando)
Venue Information:
The Jason Chin Harold Cabaret
1501 N Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL, 60642