Generation LatinX

Generation LatinX

Tue, November 14

10:00 pm

The Mission Theater at iO Chicago

$5.00 - $10.00

This event is all ages

Generation LatinX
Generation LatinX
A Variety show featuring Hispanic comedians and musicians. Just like our audience, some of the performers speak fluent Spanish, some speak only Spanglish, and some speak no Spanish at all. All of our performers have Latino/a heritage. We are Generation LatinX!

For more info or to submit to be a part of the show, please contact:

All of the performers have Hispanic heritage. The show is in English and Spanglish (a mix of English and Spanish).

The show, and the performers, are relatably bizarre. LatinX strives to be creative, smart and quirky over shocking and crass.

The show is a safe, inclusive space for people of all genders, ethnicities, ages, and sexual orientations.

I put them in alphabetical order; hopefully, this is helpful.


Aaron Sanchez

Abigail Piñon

Adam Dlf

Adam Mengesha

Alex Barontini

Alexis Alvarado

Blad Moreno

Brett Knickerbocker (Mishell Livio's husband)

Carolina Cormack

Celeste Villanueva

Cesar Jaime

Chloe Caudillo

Dama Alvarado

Daniel Moreno

Dean Santiago

Delia Diaz

Devin SatanClemente

Diego Sanchez

Elias Rios

Emilie R. Sepúlveda

Freddy Merentes

Georgie Caldwell

Jacqueline Perez

Jesse Pazmiño

Jesse Pazmiño

Jessi Realzola

Jimmy Gribbin

Julia Morales

Keiter Liriano

Kendra Jamaica

Luis Castelló

Manuela Mendoza

Maria Konopken

Marilet Martinez

Max Soto

Mishell Livio

Neftali Morales

Nelson Velazquez

Nicole Perez

Ruperto Gloria

Samantha Myers

Tawny Safieddine

Vanessa Garcia
Venue Information:
The Mission Theater at iO Chicago
1501 N Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL, 60642