Ayahuasca Baby

Ayahuasca Baby

Thu, June 7

8:00 pm

The Event Space at iO Chicago


“Ayahuasca Baby” is a twice monthly ceremony of a fictitious religion: The One True Faith--a religion of truth, beauty and the cosmic fetus. The ceremony is a ritualistic showcase for a rotating cast of experimental musicians, visual artists, writers, movement artists, performers, and technological artists. The audience gets in costume, assumes new names, witnesses performances and participates in rituals designed to introspect and elevate. The show ends in a squirt gun fight “baptism” followed by a night of off-the-wall-but-still-vaguely-wholesome party games loosely inspired by religion.

“Ayahuasca Baby is a psychedelic marriage of improv and music, and is unlike any comedy show you'll see. Funk trombonist Bryan[t] Smith creates a world complete with didgeridoo-playing cowboys, a shaman, live-controlled anime-style visuals and yes, ayahuasca. “ - Time Out

Ayahuasca Baby
Ayahuasca Baby
Bryant Smith–funk trombonist, computer programmer and creator of iO’s recurring show “Electrodide: Ancient Electronic Goddess”–spins a yarn as didgeridoo-playing prophet Cowboy Elijah: Long ago, in the jungles of Peru, the village shaman Abuelo administers The Spirit Tea to the dying Maria–unaware she is with child. The tea, designed to lift a heavy worldly soul to the next realm, catapults the fetus’s feather-light soul through all layers of reality and sentient experience. In the space of Maria’s final breath, their infinite journey culminates in their transformation into a god.

The improv comedy, music, special guests and animated visuals tell the story of Ayahuasca Baby’s visions–visiting a different fraction of their infinite journey every month.

TODD ANDERSON (Special Guest)

Todd Anderson is a digital poet and web artist. He is the author of Hotwriting, a collection of playable digital poems from Instar Books that he performs live on a projector with a wireless USB keyboard he wears around his neck. He is the host and curator of WordHack, New York’s premiere monthly language+technology talk series, and is an organizer in several NYC-based digital arts collectives including Babycastles (independent video game gallery), the School for Poetic Computation (alternative tech education), and the Illuminator (guerrilla projection). He is a recent graduate of the Digital Language Arts MFA program at Brown University.

A Barefoot Funk production:


Body-paint enthusiast, computer programmer and tromboner for the nationally-touring funk band The Heard. He has also taken the stage with Big Gigantic, Lettuce, Manic Focus, The New Mastersounds, Dumpstaphunk, Orgone, and more. New to iO, he is psyched af about doing shows here. THIS PLACE IS SO RAD!!!


Established in 1992, professional doodler. “I will doodle you so good.”

See more of their work at barefootfunk.com.

Director by Rachel Copel

Produced by Nicole Werth

Costumes by Leslie Pace


Todd Anderson – Special Guest, Digital Poet

Bryant Smith – Cowboy Elijah, Electric Beatboxing, Electric Trombone

Zachary Smith — Live-controlled Anime-Style Animated Visuals

Mike Cantella – Cowboy Jobe, Bass (from band IndigoSun)

Improvisers/Enactors of The Visions — Trumane Alston, Kayla Lane Freeman, Nicole Lang, Phoebe Perry, Abigail Piñon, Taty Sampson

Scott Brady — Lights/Audio
Venue Information:
The Event Space at iO Chicago
1501 N. Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL, 60642