Glass Basement

Glass Basement

Thu, October 11

8:00 pm

The Mission Theater at iO Chicago


Glass Basement
Glass Basement
This is a show for everyone. This is a show full of veteran women. Members of SheBeast, Superhuman and Virgin Daiquiri, along with some special guests, have joined together like the damn Justice League to perform together everyThursday night. And after they perform, you can perform with them. If you're chosen, come up and do a scene with whomever you like. Stay, talk and hang out. Part amazing show, part performance opportunity, part safe space. Watch. Laugh. Play. Laugh. Talk. Laugh.

MaryCatherine Curran
Dina Facklis
Katie Klein
Sarah Ashley
Alison Gates
Christine Tawfik
Abby Mcenany
Megan Redfearn
Ryan Asher
Becca Slack
Katie Kershaw
Susan Glynn
Jacqueline Felker
Mary Cait Walthall
Amber Walker
Jo Scott
Dana Quercioli
Mary Mahoney
Plus special guests
Venue Information:
The Mission Theater at iO Chicago
1501 N Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL, 60642