Generation LatinX, The Harold Team Mothership, Improvised Jane Austen

Generation LatinX

The Harold Team Mothership

Improvised Jane Austen

Sun, March 17

8:00 pm

The Chris Farley Cabaret at iO Chicago

$5.00 - $10.00

Generation LatinX
Generation LatinX
Generation LatinX is an ensemble of English and Spanish speaking artists all with Latin heritage that believe in creating a positive, family-friendly presence across entertainment platforms. We strive to diversify both the content and the audiences to build an atmosphere reflective of our culture and point of view.

For more info or to submit to be a part of the show, please contact:

Brendon Duran
Xyla Gatilao
Kevin Veloso
Stefania Marron
Dean Santiago
Mark Emmons
Sarah Leone
Jade Moreno
Paloma Martinez
Juan Arellano
The Harold Team Mothership
The Harold Team Mothership
"Mothership" is an iO Chicago improv ensemble that performs iO’s signature form, “The Harold”.

Established July 2017.
Improvised Jane Austen
Improvised Jane Austen
The long-running, all-female comedy team will conjure a tale on the spot in the style of the beloved 19th-century British novelist, Jane Austen.

"The ladies in this group were experts at the slow burn, and at picking apart the structure of Austen’s stories in ways that would please both fans and critics of the subject matter. By the end of their long-form set, they had created a sort of chaos and silliness that was both a tribute to and a parody of the author." - Third Coast Review--

"...countless laughs...whimsical homage to the illustrious author." -- Chicago Reader

"...these women took it, owned it and created some really funny and touching evening of silliness and indulgence....make running amok look like delicious fun." -- PerformInk Chicago

Starring: Allison Black, Ana Silva, Emily Friedrick, Holly Robison, Jessye Grace Mueller, Josephine Longo, Kaelea Rovinsky, Kate Parker, Kelsey Fehlberg, Kristen Rau, Mariah Michael, Mishell Livio, Sarah Mobley, Shannon Baucus, and Squeek Rangel.

Facebook: ImprovisedJaneAusten
Twitter: @improvAusten
Instagram: @improvAusten
Venue Information:
The Chris Farley Cabaret at iO Chicago
1501 N Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL, 60642