Alina Bock

Alina was born and raised in Germany, a country often associated with comedy. She toured Europe as part of a Disney band for 4 years, selling about 1 million records and starring in a tv show on the German Disney Channel. It’s safe to say she’s the Hannah Montana of Germany. Since moving to L.A., Alina has studied and performed sketch,- and improv comedy at UCB, The Groundlings and iO. As part of the Comedy Duo ‘UnfunnyFeminists’, Alina has travelled to Comedy Festivals around the country like the ‘She Makes Me Laugh’ Festival in NYC or the HBO WIC Festival in Chicago where their short film ‘Bed Headlines’ won best of fest. Some of Alina’s impressive Hollywood credits include her scene in a prominent sitcom that was edited out, a failed comedy pilot, and the role of ‘Stressed-out, caucasian mom’ in an ice cream commercial. Follow Alina @alinabock