Alyssa Davis

Performer and Teacher at The iO Theater

Alyssa Davis has been studying and performing improv for nearly at decade, and has found a home at iO. She currently improvises with the musical team the DelTones, her Harold team “Daffodil”, the Spanish language team “Heraldo”, and her all-ladies team “Ms. Mistoffelees”, as well as stepping in with both the non-musical and “Musical Armando”!

She formerly worked with “Chaos Theory”, “Nightingale”, and “Emergency Sleepover” at iO.  She is the co-creator of the video group “Cedarville Comedy” and performs in XVP Comedy Shorts.  She is an original cast member of “Improvised Mythology”, “Will You Accept this Rose?”, and “Fan/Fiction”.  She performed in the Directing Showcases “A Bit Too Far” and “Doom and Gloom”.  Some of her favorite former roles include Helen of Troy in Trojan Women, every character in Midsummer, and Iphigenia in Agamemnon and his Daughters, an Emmy-Award Winning Documentary about the Dah Theatar in Serbia.  Be kind to each other!