Kaelea Rovinsky

Kaelea is an actor, improviser, musician, and writer based in Chicago, IL. She has a BA in Theatre Arts with Minors in Psychology and History from MSU, Mankato, and has graduated the improv training programs at The Annoyance, iO Chicago, and The Second City. Kaelea can be seen doing scripted work as an ensemble member and director in The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company, and as an actor with the iO Comedy Network. She serves as an improv coach in the 10,000 Hours Program at iO, and in the past with the Co-op at The Crowd. Kaelea also serves as a producer for Dang! Hot Bits! at iO. She enjoys performing classic Chicago-style improv goof-em-ups with her good pals at Improvised Jane Austen, Out on a Whim’s Improvised Dungeons and Dragons, Bestworld, Home Entertainment, and Anarchy: The Improvised Rock Opera.  Social Media @kaelearovinsky