Keenan Camp

Keenan Camp is a comedian, actor, writer, and producer originally from the great state of Michigan. Not only does Keenan perform in RIFF, but he also created and produces the show. He is a graduate of iO Theater, the Annoyance Theater, and Second City’s Conservatory and Music Improv programs. Keenan has also created such shows as All That Jaws: A Sharktastic Musical, VH-Yes Or No, Home Entertainment, and performed in shows such as The Verse: Improvised Firefly, Who-Prov: Improvised Dr. Who, The Annoyance Christmas Pageant. He can be found on Thursdays helping out with MINt: Music Improv Night at the Annoyance, and if he’s not at iO everyon Friday and Saturday night, someone should check to make sure he isn’t dead.