Michael McCarthy

Teacher at the iO Theater

Michael C. McCarthy has worked professionally as an actor, writer, director, producer and has been “special thank’d” in several small, independent films! His professional writing career began at the age of 24 when he became a staff writer for “Saturday Night Live,” followed by two seasons at “Sesame Street” (the antidote for SNL). After becoming frustrated with actors messing up his brilliant sketches (that damn Bert and Ernie), he began working as an actor/improvisor at The Second City in Chicago, including three shows on that venerable institution’s mainstage!

While at Second City, McCarthy started their writing program which currently boasts an enrollment of 1.5 million students. In Los Angeles he continued to write for the likes of “Drew Carey,” Chuck Lorre and many, many Comedy Central projects. He also continued to act in everything from “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” to “According To Jim,” to “The Gilmore Girls”—always playing a priest.

At The iO West Theater in Hollywood, McCarthy created a second writing program he called The Comedy Lab, with four separate classes teaching students how to compile exactly what literary agents want to read, thus increasing their chances of working professionally.

Former students include: Jon Favreau, Tina Fey, Brian Stack, Peter Murietta, Vanessa Bayer, Matt Walsh, Kay Cannon, Travis Bowe, and Matt Kuhn (and many, many more). And there’s more…