Sarah Mobley

Sarah started her love affair with improv in the mountains of N.C. when she joined a professional improv team called   H.I.C.S (Highland Improvisation Companies). Sarah earned a B.S. in Musical Theater from Lees McRae College in N.C. and an M.Ed in Special Education from UIC.  Since her move to Chicago in 2003 she has continuously performed improv with teams including Tucker Maxx, Kids with Feelings, Rhythm Woman Nation, Matchstick, and Rotation. She is also happy to continue her work with the sketch comedy team Fowler Family Radio Hour as they delve into the territory of podcasts. Improvised Jane Austen has been a home and a family for Sarah as she has been performing on the team for almost ten years and she wants her teammates old and new to know how inspiring it has been to work alongside such incredibly talented women!