FELT is: Michael Johnson Cesar Jaime Alex Wiseman Louie Saunders Stevie Shale Tess Borgerding Jamie Burns Brittany Bookbinder Zoe Agapinan

Felt is a completely improvised show with an added touch of fun due to the fact its cast is not human.

This unique, unpredictable, and fun cast has been entertaining audiences at the legendary iO Theater in Chicago for over 13 years, which makes it the world's longest running adult improvised show!

*This show may not be suitable for children*

Every Wednesday night at 8pm in the iO Chris Farley Cabaret with a different opening Harold team each week

Tickets are $5 (Free for iO students and performers)

“FELT is improv cut from new cloth.” - Chicago Reader

“...few things are funier than puppers behaving badly.” - Chicago Trubune

“It takes “Tickle Me Elmo” to a whole new level.” - Metromix

“It’s as if the cast of ‘Crank Yankers’ decided to hang up the phone and present an adult-themed show.” - TimeOut Chicago

“I lauffed my arse off.” - Some British dude