Whirled News Tonight

Whirled News Tonight is a critically acclaimed, fully improvised show that puts a satirical spin on current news events and adds a live-in-the-moment human point of view to stories selected by the audience. Whirled News Tonight has been an iO Chicago must-see show since 2003.

When the audience arrives they will be brought to a table with several local and national publications where they can cut out any articles they are interested in and tack them onto several bulletin boards onstage. The cast will randomly choose these articles throughout the show to inspire their improvised scenes..

Whirled News Tonight performs every Saturday night at 8pm and 10pm at Chicago's famed iO Theater.

Created by Jason R. Chin

Starring: Emily Anderson, Atra Asdou, Becca Barish, Brooke Breit, Marla Caceres, John Patrick Coan, Padraic Connelly, John P. Glynn, Erin Keif, Brett Lyons, Eddie Pina, Adal Rifai, Rob White, and Shane Wilson.

Whirled News Tonight alumni include: Sarah Haskins (Trophy Wife), Alex Eilhauer, Jordan Klepper (The Daily Show), Arnie Niekamp (Hello From the Magic Tavern), Megan O’Neill, Steve Waltien, Sarah Wonak, and Matt Young (Magic Tavern).

"...genuine rapport; articulate dialogue unfolds logically, swiftly, and concisely." - Chicago Reader

"...this is a brainy, quick-witted group!" - Chicago Tribune

"... nothing's too far fetched for the imaginative minds of 'Whirled News Tonight.'" - Chicago Sun Times

"With satire staples like news-rag The Onion, and the empires that are The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, a weekly improv show that selects random headlines from the week and performs scenes inspired by them might seem unneccessary, but Whirled News Tonight carves out their own niche by having the flexibility to go both hyper local and international in their scope. And while satire is the main thrust of the show, WNT's cast tends to be poignant as they are amusing- human-interest stories or dry business items frequently become engrossing scenes more ambitious than other theaters' entire shows. " - The Onion A.V. Club.

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